Skilled Nursing

Care provided in skilled nursing centers is needed by young and old alike as they recover from various conditions or surgeries. At Van Dyk, our centers serve as transitional, post-acute care settings as persons heal or long-term nursing care for individuals whose needs extend beyond daily-activity assistance. At Van Dyk, you receive individual treatments and care by licensed professionals who live Van Dyk’s We Care mission. As a locally-owned and operated skilled nursing facility, you can enjoy a comfortable, nurturing environment driven by relationships and respect.


Our skills and results are recognized by industry leaders and preferred by many physicians and hospitals in the northern New Jersey and New York City areas. But what matters most, is what our patients think. Your positive experience is our best gauge of quality. And quality skilled nursing services are at the core of Van Dyk’s ‘We Care‘ mission. We combine the best skilled nursing expertise with all of our specialty services to deliver reliable, personalized care to every patient.

Skilled Nursing Care Locations

Skilled nursing services for all patients needs are available at Van Dyk Montclair and Van Dyk Ridgewood locations.

Types of Skilled Nursing Care

  • Short Term Post-Acute Care
  • Long Term Chronic Care
  • Alzheimer’s/Memory Loss Care
  • Respite Care


Van Dyk Montclair is a Medicare Certified Skilled Nursing Facility.

Long-Term Chronic Care

Ongoing care for chronic conditions inflicting you or a loved one can be challenging, often leading to frequent hospitalizations and advanced systems which affect daily activity and life enjoyment. As a Van Dyk patient, skilled nurses and caregivers work together to help minimize systems, prevent unnecessary complications, preserve bodily functions and achieve the best possible quality of life.

Combined with a comfortable environment, patients and their families can be assured that proper care is provided and conditions closely monitored as staff coordinate care planning with physicians, therapists, pharmacy and other necessary health care services providers.


When I left Van Dyk, a bit earlier, I believe than my experienced physical therapists might have recommended, I felt well-prepared to continue my exercises. I left to be home for Christmas. I had mixed feelings – wistfulness and deep gratitude- among them. Van Dyk had been a true sanctuary and haven for me: a gentle community of people devoted to helping and healing others. I feel blessed to be there. I thank you and your family for creating and maintaining the nurturing, warmly hospitable atmosphere of the Van Dyk and the high quality and professionalism if your staff.

Moira W.