LifeMoves Orthopedic Therapy

LifeMoves - Specialized Orthopedic TherapyInjuries, accidents, or correction of failed joints all lead to the need for specialized orthopedic rehabilitation and therapy services. Extensive surgeries can prevent continuation of regular, daily activities as pain subsides and movement returns. To cope, specialized inpatient orthopedic rehabilitation is often recommended to ensure a quick, safe return to an active, independent, pain-free lifestyle. At Van Dyk, you receive specialist care as we work with your physician to develop an individualized rehabilitation and therapy plan. Specialized orthopedic rehabilitation and therapy is available for:

Planning for After-Care

When you have the advantage of planning your recovery from orthopedic surgery, you can talk to your physician prior to the procedure to determine your options for recovery. Your physician can help you determine whether you may be a candidate for inpatient short-term rehabilitation and therapy like provided at Van Dyk. Choosing early helps to ensure you are comfortable with the staff, environment, and opportunities for care beyond prescribed therapy sessions.

Orthopedic Rehab & Therapy Locations

Van Dyk orthopedic rehabilitation therapists are available at Van Dyk Montclair and Van Dyk Ridgewood skilled nursing centers.
Van Dyk Health Care at RidgewoodVan Dyk Health Care at Montclair

More Information

Request more information about orthopedic rehab and therapy at Van Dyk for you or a loved one. Van Dyk Orthopedic Rehab & Therapy is recognized by leading hospitals and physicians in the New York and New Jersey areas.