Long-Term Chronic Care

Ongoing care for chronic conditions inflicting you or a loved one can be challenging, often leading to frequent hospitalizations and advanced systems which affect daily activity and life enjoyment. As a Van Dyk patient, skilled nurses and caregivers work together to help minimize systems, prevent unnecessary complications, preserve bodily functions and achieve the best possible quality of life. Combined with a comfortable environment, patients and their families can be assured that proper care is provided and conditions closely monitored as staff coordinate care planning with physicians, therapists, pharmacy and other necessary health care services providers.

Long-Term Chronic Care Locations

Van Dyk Montclair and Van Dyk Ridgewood locations provide long-term chronic care services to patients in need.
Van Dyk Health Care at RidgewoodVan Dyk Health Care at Montclair

More Information

Request more information about long-term chronic care services at Van Dyk or refer your physician and we will coordinate a consultation call on your behalf.