The cold winter weather can keep many seniors bundled up indoors. It is important to stay busy to keep away those winter blues. They are many winter activities and exercises to keep seniors feeling happy all winter long.

Cook together. Nothing warms the heart like a home cooked meal. Invite over family or friends to try out a new recipe.

Join the local senior center. This is a great place for seniors to join activities, events, and programs while their family members can reach out for advice or guidance. They should have a calendar of events with a different program each day of the week. You can go enjoy listening to special speakers, ballroom dancing or bingo.

Start a new hobby by crafting. There are many crafting options to keep everyone busy. From clay molding, sculpture, oil painting, drawing, watercolors or knitting. Create a keepsake of your memories in a scrap book. Check your local libraries or surrounding areas for classes that you can sign up for. It’s a great way to meet people and try something new.

Swim. Search for a gym or YMCA that has an indoor pool. Swimming is one of the most physically, mental, and aerobically beneficial, low impact activities that anyone can enjoy. It’s easy on the joints and muscles.

Find a book club. Getting lost in a book is a wonderful way to spend an afternoon and exercising the mind is vital for seniors. Check your local libraries for book clubs or writing clubs. You can also pull books from the New York Times’ Bestsellers List, large print books or ask about their audiobooks that you can listen to at home.

Don’t let the long winter months bring you down. Keep your mental sharpness by keeping extra Sudoku and crossword puzzles around the house. Plan ahead with family to visit a museum, see a movie or eat at your favorite restaurant. Just remember it’s important to keep busy!