Starting The Journey


Whether for yourself or a family member, planning a short-term recovery, a longer-term future stay, considering relocating into an assisted living environment or keeping you safe in your own home, we can help ensure you choose the right place. At Van Dyk Health Care, we want to make sure that you get the physical, emotional and spiritual care you need. The information in this section will help you understand your options and begin your evaluation. However, talking to an expert directly can be the best approach to getting your questions answered.

The Van Dyk family and staff share this responsibility. We understand the importance of your decision, and we are here to help make the right choice. The journey is a process that we will gladly go through with you — answering any questions that you may have. Our trained and caring staff has upheld its reputation of providing quality care to New Jersey communities for over 64 years.

Do you or your loved one…


  • Feel forgetful, confused or lost
  • Mix up or forget to take medications
  • Miss doctors’ appointments
  • Overlook things that pose a safety concern
  • Struggle to pay bills or buy food
  • Receive a lot of junk mail
  • Write checks or withdraw money to make payments to unfamiliar people or companies
  • Act secretive while on the phone

Emotional and Social

  • Feel lonely or depressed
  • Feel frustrated or stressed
  • Take less interest in things previously enjoyed
  • Avoid people and social interaction

Physical and Medical

  • Sleep more often or have less energy
  • Notice a change in eating habits
  • Have difficulty walking, dressing, eating or bathing
  • Have trouble cleaning or maintaining a household
  • Fall more often or bruise more easily
  • Need medical attention or additional personal care
  • Take medication that you think needs to be adjusted
  • Need daily/weekly treatments, such as dialysis or IV therapy
  • Use medical equipment, such as an oxygen tank