The best part of the holidays is spending time with your loved ones and watching their face light up as they open the perfect gift. However, coming up with gift ideas for seniors can be difficult. This holiday season we wanted to share some ideas that have helped our families through the years.

  • The gift of quality time. Spend extra time with your loved one this holiday season. Get them out of the house with a trip to the movies or out to dinner, maybe they prefer some pampering like a massage or hair salon.
  • Help them cherish the memories. Maybe it’s as simple as framing that special photo or creating a calendar with family photos and birthdays. There are many products online that you can personalize for your loved one. You can even put together a scrap book of your favorite memories and ask your family members to contribute.
  • Teach them about new technology. We all don’t get to visit our loved ones as often as we would like so teach them how to use an iPad or iPhone. Facetime can help them stay in touch with family and friends. You can also download some brain games to help their cognitive skills.
  • Useful gifts for the home. There are plenty of gift ideas that can help our loved ones in their daily routines. From pill dispensers, to canes or walkers, universal remotes, comfy socks, a massage chair or pillow, or even a scented warming neck pillow. Check out for more ideas that can help seniors relax in the comfort of their own homes.

Happy Holidays From Our Family To Yours!