HeartwaysInpatient Cardiac Rehabilitation Care

Recovery from a cardiac episode or surgery can require special focus from specialists who understand the stages of rehabilitation and necessary treatment of chronic conditions. Van Dyk’s HeartWays program offers patients direct care by cardiac physicians and nurses who can help you or a loved one transition back into a comfortable lifestyle at home. Healing after cardiac trauma or extended treatment of chronic heart failure requires physical and emotional care. Short-term, inpatient cardiac care is often recommended to safely monitor healing, begin infusion therapy treatment, and understand individual needs. During this recovery time, you’ll carefully be guided toward a unique, at-home care plan that includes exercise, diet, daily activity recommendations, and personal care.

Planning for Cardiac After-Care

When you have the advantage of planning your recovery from cardiac surgery, you can talk to your physician prior to the procedure to discuss your options for recovery. Your physician can help you determine whether you may be a candidate for inpatient short-term rehabilitation and therapy at Van Dyk. Choosing early helps to ensure you are comfortable with the staff, environment, and opportunities for individual healing beyond prescribed physical treatments.

HeartWays Locations

Cardiac care services are available at Van Dyk Montclair and Van Dyk Ridgewood skilled nursing centers.

More Information

HeartWays is recognized by leading cardiac care hospitals and physicians in the greater New York City area. Learn more by requesting information about HeartWays at Van Dyk.